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One more project has launched its fundraising campaign at KICKICO: Pecunio now offers everyone to take part in their tokensale to gain an early access to a project that will provide its users with professionally managed crypto funds, a crypto debit card and transactable gold-based tokens.

Pecunio Gold Coin aims to become the become the perfect currency of the future by fitting the complex requirements of low volatility, international transactability and simplicity of use.

In order to ensure all of the mentioned, Pecunio has developed a complex solution:

  • a coin that is 100% backed with gold, which will stabilize the volatility;
  • a decentralized investment platform and exchange, that will tokenize all of the Pecunio’s fund assets;
  • a cryptocurrency debit card, which will allow a holder to spend their coins and tokens in fiat purchases all around the globe;

Besides, utilizing their expertise in finance, blockchain technologies and jurisprudence, Pecunio is determined to establish an ICO incubator, supporting blockchain startups in every stage of new projects’ creation and development.

In order to join Pecunio at the early stage you are welcome to take part in the ICO, and we at KICKICO are as always happy to provide our customary 5% bonuses for ETH and 10% bonuses for KICK contributions.

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