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1 min readJan 30, 2020


Today we detected a FAKE page that pretends to be us. That violates business ethics and misleads our community. Please, REPORT the FAKE PAGE! We made an instruction on how you can help us by reporting:

1. Open (FAKE Page)

2. Click on the button with 3 dots and “Find support or report Page”

3. Choose “Scams and fake Pages” and “Pretending to be another business”

4. Put “Kickico” official page as a source of the business that the fake page is pretending to be.

5. Also, visit that site that web page and complain of the Phishing Page

6. DONE. Thank you!

❗️ Remember, KICK Team will never ask you to send your funds to random wallets, publish ETH or any other wallet addresses or encourage you to participate in any kind of lottery or giveaways.

❗️Please note that our official pages are as follows:





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