Stay careful not to be scammed, please use only the official KickEX resources!

Dear KickEX users!

Lots of phishing attacks have accumulated around the exchange lately! Fraudsters are trying to hijack accounts, create fake pages of our exchange on social networks. Stay careful not to be scammed, please use only the official KickEX resources!

We want to remind you about some simple safety rules that will help you get only positive emotions from using the Kick Ecosystem services:

1. Do not follow links from unknown or doubtful sources. Use the direct link to the KickEX exchange:

2. Use only the official Kick Ecosystem pages for up-to-date information:

• Instagram:


• Telegram:

• Facebook:

• Medium:

• Contests:

3. Always check the URL of the site you are visiting. We do not use free hosting services for our applications. All our apps are hosted in domain zones: * / *

4. Please check the functionality of site elements such as language switching, social login buttons, etc. Broken items indicate the probability of phishing.

5. Enable two-factor authentication in your account at:

6. Use different passwords for different services.

On Facebook, fake accounts spread the message that the user has received a prize and he needs to follow the link created using the service

Key phishing features:

• Abbreviated links are used to hide their real purpose;

• The format of the letter and its design does not correspond to the usual letters of the KickEX exchange.

After clicking on the link, the user finds himself on a page made using the service, on which the information from the letter is repeated.

Key phishing signatures:

• The site does not belong to the * domain;

• The branding of the site does not correspond to the * format.

After pushing the “Claim Here” button, the user is redirected to a phishing site, where he must enter his username and password.

Key phishing features:

• The site address does not belong to the * domain;

• Login buttons through social networks do not work;

• Language switching does not work;

• Fonts and colors do not match the style of the text on the official sites *

We hope that these simple security rules will help you avoid scam and save your money. Enjoy trading on the KickEX exchange!

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