PingPaid coming all the way from sunny Bahamas to launch at KICKICO!

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3 min readAug 20, 2018


PingPaid was founded in November 2017. While enjoying the sunshine in Bahamas, 7 people who always encountered with difficulties that currently exist in traditional financial systems came together to create the new generation PingPaid solution that enables anyone to use cryptocurrency safely and easily to purchase services rentals, financial services, items, food and beverage, and anything you can think of with minimal or no fees.

Take a closer look, the PingPaid platform and protocol use the PingPaid Token (PPD) to power the ecosystem. Already functioning in its BETA version with over 10,000 registered members and a thriving social community, the PingPaid team states that the platform will enable anyone to sell or rent different classes of items and services.

As highlighted by PingPaid Team, the key features of the platform include:

  • PingPaid has a strong focus on security;
  • Easy to use feature-rich user interface;
  • PingPaid enables anyone to simply scan a QR code and safely pay for items and services;
  • Assets unlock automatically after all parties satisfy the requirements of the transaction;
  • Minimal or no fees

Not a surprise for all, in this ever-changing environment, the cryptocurrency market will encounter with many challenges as it grows before the full adoption. And it is important for financial based technologies operating on the blockchain, such as PingPaid, to stay ahead of regulatory developments and compliance.

Anthony Tyne (CEO and Founder) believes the biggest challenge PingPaid will face is navigating the regulations and policies of different jurisdictions and multi-jurisdictions.

However, the team is positive, and do not consider this as an obstacle for PingPaid development. PingPaid has a positive outlook for the future and considers this as an important step in their roadmap that will see PingPaid expand its regulation and compliance department. Furthemore, PingPaid intends to begin expanding and conducting analysis for over 100 jurisdictions.

Not to mention a big four auditor and compliance expert, Phylese Hann from PingPaid team. Having worked with big accounting firms and numerous law firms, Phylese Hann will tackle the regulation challenge to the best-abilities to help PingPaid grow.

The leading engineers and developers Emilio Cavanzo, Travis Meadows, Michael Seepaul, Oreshea Rolle will make sure the technical side of PingPaid is as awesome as their design and interface. In conjunction with powerful and unique features, PingPaid claims that anyone, especially businesses, can use its API (Application Programming Interface) to manage, create content on the platform, build customizable applications that interact with PingPaid platform and protocol, conduct transactions, and do anything you can do via the visual interface of PingPaid.

Furthemore, PingPaid founders assure easy business integration, and greater personal capabilities for users. The API, which will be released soon, will process safe and secure interactions with the PingPaid platform and protocol.

PingPaid claims to be fully committed to their vision to create a platform with the shared economy, digital goods, services, food and beverage for safe and easy cryptocurrency transactions, and on this note…

PING! Congratulations, you’ve just PingPaid!

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