Playing by fair rules

The story of how the KickEX’s super security team stepped in to protect honest users so that real people get their well-deserved prizes in the LINK trading contest

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Monday evening, during the last minutes of the LINK competition, participants were trading ferociously for the $10,000 prize pool. Everything would have been fine, but suspicions of manipulation and disregard for the rules of the competition were revealed 😤. As such, we had to investigate.

Spoiler: KickEX’s super security team stepped in to protect honest users. They checked that real people received their well-deserved prizes. And so it happened.

And here’s what else is interesting! ⬇️

✅ KickEX is a fully licensed European crypto exchange, so our security team is always on the alert. After all, the safety of users’ funds and the honesty of trading are our main priorities.

💰The prize fund of the LINK competition was $10,000 in different cryptocurrencies, so everyone wanted to win — and we thank everyone for their active participation! Only honest participants win with us and, due to suspicions of deliberately manipulating the rules and conditions of the competition and bypassing the existing restrictions by some participants, we were forced to make several checks.

🏆Additional requests have been sent to participants of suspicious activities in order to verify the reality of the participant.

🏆All participants who have provided the requested information to date, receive their earned prizes

🎄Congratulations to all the honest players. We are waiting for you at the next contest and we hope everyone complies with all the rules. 2021 promises many pleasant surprises.

Always yours,
KickEX Team

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