Plaza Pre-ICO — the world’s fastest blockchain for commerce at KICKICO

We are happy to introduce Plaza — the next generation commerce tool on the blockchain has launched Pre-ICO at KICKICO.

Shortly about PLAZA:

  • A solution for commerce helping to provide fast transactions
  • It offers low prices and avoids ‘Big Data’
  • It provides 15000 transactions per second and takes less than 3 seconds to confirm the action
  • A ledger maintained by low-powered IoT devices
  • Secure system proved by Secure Socket Layer Certificate
  • PLAZA offers MerchantChain Transaction Coin (MTC), ERC-20 PLAZA token and a debit card that can be used at shops, restaurants, hotels and offers withdrawal into local currency from ATMs

ICO Info:

Pre-ICO started on 2 of August and will end on 11th of September with PLAZA expecting 500 ETH as a soft cap.


You have an opportunity to support PLAZA during preICO and get additional bonus by purchasing PLAZA with KICK.

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