After fundraising on, the project builds its cryptocurrency exchange!

Dear all,

Today we have a special exchange. Does anyone remember Arbitrage Crypto Trader campaign on Well, these guys have gone an extra mile to build their own crypto exchange!

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We celebrate the team’s achievements and on this occasion — KICK Coin will be listed on Zoomex Exchange with KICK/ETH, KICK/BTC pairs and take part in a new trading incentive scheme, which has following scoring formula:
Zx * Zm * Zv = Zf
Zx — the total number of completed transactions;
Zm — the number of open transactions;
Zv — the volume of completed transactions;
Zf — total points.

It’s no rocket science to figure out that the trading volume is not the only factor that counts. Each of the indicators has the same weight and multiplicator to earn you the maximum of points so you can reach the top of the table.

There is only one important note to remember! None of the factors can be equal to zero, because when multiplied by zero, your result is reset to zero, so be careful!

According to Zoomex, a snapshot of open transactions will be conducted several times a day. The average will be calculated automatically. There is also a table, so you can see where you are in the competition. The data is updated every hour.

The prize fund of 1,000,000 KICK Coins will be distributed between the top 10 participants proportionally to the number of total points earned.

The dates of the competition are: 06.08.2019–16.08.2019 (UTC +3)

And guess what,

there are no trading commissions on Zoomex

Have fun!

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