PreICO Prize Draw on August 14th!

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While Crowdfunding 1.0 lives its last minutes, KICKICO just keeps on giving! As promised, we are going to make a HUGE prize draw for our PreICO contributors. It will take place on August 14th, so don’t miss out!

Every backer who participated in the PreICO with 10 ETH or more and met our bounty condition has a chance of winning!

1,000,000 KickCoins are to be distributed between 10 randomly selected backers like this:

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All draw participants now have an assigned number that can be found in their profile. The drawing will take place on an independent site, , with the information available to everyone interested.

The winners will be determined by a single draw, and the results will be published in our blog.

KickCoins received by the winners will be transferred to them shortly after. Please take note that for greater good KC tokens will be frozen for 6 months from the draw date: this is for the sake of the KC market and token price.

Didn’t make it into the PreICO and the draw? Don’t worry and join our ICO on August 29th.

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