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Prontapay at KICKICO

Prontapay is a payment system that will use smart contracts and blockchain technology. It will give businesses an opportunity to save money on transactions, receive payments faster and create a secure invoice system. All users of Prontapay will be paid with Pro Pay Coins.

Smart Legal Invoice (SLI) used by Prontapay will allow customers to use desktop and mobile interfaces. Anything from goods to services could be paid with SLI. Besides, it is convenient for businesses as all transactions can be converted into accounting report. It’s important to mention that every Prontapay transaction will cost users only 1% of the transfer amount which is 66% cheaper than other existing solutions.

• Prontapay has 50,000 registered people on the website
• Over 100 companies signed up to trial beta version
• It has the most visited site in the world according to Alexa rankings

Have a look at bonus structure:

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Prontapay bonus structure

KICKICO community will get additional bonuses for supporting the project.

You are welcome to take part in the ICO to join Prontapay at the early stage, and KICKICO is as always happy to provide our customary 5% bonuses for ETH and 10% bonuses for KICK contributions.

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