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Hello, dear KickEX users! Today, we’ve got yet another announcement for you: a new coin is being listed on the exchange — QUA. The QUASA project participated in two successful rounds on KickICO, and it’s token is now being presented on the exchange as the QUA/USDT trading pair, so our traders can receive even more opportunities for their operations.

About the project

QUASA, in a nutshell, is a blockchain-based freelancing exchange. The developers claim they want to go beyond standard services and create a universal platform that unites buyers and providers in absolutely any field. In other words, you’ll be able to find anyone on Quasa, from IT specialists to couriers or movers to plumbers.

There’s more to come. On its roadmap, the project states that over time, a whole meta-universe will grow on the basis of the freelance exchange. Through its blockchain, it will be possible to solve any problem without involving a third-party service online or offline. Moreover, the platform will have its own payment system.

QUA Token

The platform’s internal QUA token will work on Ethereum and is compatible with all ERC-20 wallets. The maximum emission is just under 62.5 million tokens.

The developers are announcing a high demand for QUA, as it will be used for all calculations on the platform between buyers and providers. In the future, there will be opportunities to take out loans in QUA.

QUA is now available for trading on KickEX, and we’ll be among the first to start trading with this token. Don’t waste your time! Trade in this pair while QUA isn’t available on other platforms. You can do this directly from your smartphone on our iOS app. Don’t forget that you can get extra income by inviting your friends to KickEX through our referral program.

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