Hardly a month has passed since the last KICKICO fundraising campaign. And now we have not one, not two — but twenty eight new incoming projects! Blockchain solutions in the real estate and crediting, food and gaming industries will all launch their own campaigns very soon. This diversity of new interesting projects shows a genuine interest to our platform. We process countless applications for ICOs and, trust us, soon there will be dozens of active campaigns — and there are more than a thousand new projects in a queue. The “new generation crowdfunding” idea was very much in favor of innovators from all around the world, and we are very grateful to the crypto community for the support during this difficult undertaking.

Meanwhile, recently announced voting system “Community Choice” was launched as well. This feature allows any registered KICKICO user to support any campaign, by giving their vote in KICK tokens. “Community Choice” helps those projects, that want to be launched on KICKICO, so that the Community would decide the fate of the projects. Moreover, by exposing the project to the community, the authors can check how solid their projects are and get feedback from their targeted audience, which makes this feature a valuable analytical tool. Of course, the community will have great responsibility, but it is exactly this decentralized management that makes the KICKICO platform unique. However, this is only the beginning, and soon enough we will drastically broaden the number of features both for authors and community members. Stay tuned with our news!

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