Road to 1.000.000 Users in KickRef

We know how much you are waiting for KickEX launch! There are just a few steps left. Our team is working very hard and is eager to soon show the result to the Kick community! Meanwhile, we decided to launch a big campaign to cheer you up while waiting. We want to reach 1 MLN users in KickRef! Let’s reach the goal together and soon we will be making leaps and bounds!

To participate starting from today invite 5 people with your KickRef personal link and get a bonus up to 200.000 referral KickTokens! When register a new person gets 100.000 referral KickTokens (if they register via someone’s personal invitation KickRef link. In case of an ordinary registration without link they get 10,000 bonus). Plus 100.000 for inviting 5 friends and more. What’s more, the bonus for 5 friends will be doubled (to 200.000 referral KickTokens) if the million is reached while this activity. That makes a maximum bonus of 300.000 referral tokens for new users and 200.000 — for those who are already registered.

Dates: 25th May — ongoing

Check the progress bar on KickRef page

Register in KickRef

Always yours,

Kick Ecosystem Team



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