Roadmap Update: KICKEX outmarches the timeline

Dear Friends,

The time really flies and it has been over 5 months since we first published the updated Official Roadmap of KICK ECOSYSTEM. We believe this an excellent time to reflect and talk about a few updates and changes in the timeline of KICK products release. This blog will hopefully give you an idea on how we are faring, what was done, what was not and how some things shifted in the time.

Before we proceed, we would like to highlight the well-known fact that estimating the delivery time of software development projects is a daunting task but no matter the fact we are happy to surprise you that some features will be ready much faster than expected.

One of the main components of KICK ECOSYSTEM is the KICKEX exchange. It is a core and the foundation of many services. A B2B-decentralized digital exchange of the new era, which is set to withstand up to 100,000 transactions per second will be released much quicker than planned and here is why:

Developing a cryptocurrency exchange from scratch is not a trivial task, therefore the team has fostered the main efforts to this direction. We focused the development and resources on the priority product — KICKEX. KICKID and KICKREF — another two crucial services for the exchange functionality are to be launched ahead of the schedule. KICKID as a single-sign-on service allowing the users to effortlessly access all the ecosystem sections without additional authentication. And KICKREF is an exceptionally well-designed multi-marketing tool for the users to receive additional earnings from the referral network.

Considering the fact, other services of the ecosystem will be launched a little later. As it is, this is the nature of developing products in an uncertain and continuously changing environment.

And back to the good stuff! KICKEX is scheduled to be launched 3–4 months earlier than initially planned. It will soon be possible to participate in the closed Beta-Testing and take part in the bonus program to build the foundation before the launch and arrive with armed and fully-loaded account when the exchange launches.

Our roadmap is a living document, and we will continue updating it from time to time. Some things will get delayed or the opposite — released and introduced much faster than on the timeline. We are here to keep our community informed on any changes in the most transparent way. Find the updated KICK ECOSYSTEM v4 Roadmap on the official website or using this direct link.

We would appreciate your feedback and support, so stay tuned!

Thank you for reading! Watch us conquering the world and participate in discussions!

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