RxEAL: Solutions for Security Deposits

Ethereum is one of the major cryptocurrencies based on its capitalization and number of users and transactions; currently Ethereum remains one of the most promising ecosystems for developing a sharing economy. What any cryptocurrency lacks at the moment is the number of applications to the real economy sector.

This is why we are always glad to welcome every project to offer a solution that would utilize the real powers and advantages of blockchain in order to develop a new form of financial interaction where every user benefits, a sharing economy.

RxEAL is a platform for trustless and safe security deposit storage on the Ethereum blockchain providing a decentralized dispute resolution with the main focus on real estate and automotive rental markets valued hundreds of billions USD combined.”

The problems RxEAL is aiming to solve globally are all those we are familiar with: every time we rent a housing or car or anything else, we have the trust issue arising: first, we have no guarantee our security deposit is stored safely, second, it usually takes a load of time to get the deposit returned, sometimes taking up to a month. Besides, having a dispute settled might be time, energy and resource consuming for both parties involved in the rental contract.

This chart describes the way RxEAL will make it all so much simpler for all the parties involved by using the benefits of blockchain:

According to RxEAL, this is how everything is going to work and let the backer or early adopter benefit from it:

“The RxEAL business model is fee based where lessors use the RXL to pay for the service. We believe that our service provides a competitive advantage to lessors by allowing to offer the added value product to those who are seeking protection from unfair security deposit withholding and faster transactions, therefore lessees are more likely to choose lessor’s rental product, while lessors would be willing to pay a small premium fee for such service.”

The important point for everyone willing to join in is that the bonus offer is limited:

All contributions on Kickico will receive 50% bonus rate of 1800 RXL for 1 ETH and get additional Kickico benefits. Contributions made on Kickico are limited to 500 ETH worth of KickCoins or Ethers total. If you would like to contribute more or after Kickico limit is reached, please participate from the RxEAL official website.

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