KickEX exchange has listed SAFEMOON

SAFEMOON is a DeFi token of the SafeMoon decentralized platform, which is fully managed by the community

Dear KickEX users! According to your numerous requests, we are announcing the listing of SAFEMOON token which is running on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) — a blockchain that was specially integrated into KickEX exchange for the sake of listing this coin. In addition, BSC integration allows you to list other popular coins, such as BNB, which will be announced later. SAFEMOON trades are available from Wednesday, June 16, from 12:00 (UTC) in a trading pair with USDT. Deposit entry and trading are available immediately after the listing.

Attention! Support for SAFEMOON tokenomics (distribution of tokens among holders) is in development and will be launched simultaneously with support for KICK v8 staking (distribution of KICK v8 tokens among holders).

SAFEMOON is a DeFi token of the SafeMoon decentralized platform, which is fully managed by the community. The token is based on a deflationary model that allows you to increase the price of the token through three simple functions:

  • Reallocation. Each transaction is taxed at 10%, and 5% of the tax is evenly distributed among all token holders;
  • Automatic replenishment of the liquidity pools (LP) after each completed transaction. As a result, with each completed transaction, 5% of the tax is added as a pair of liquidity on the Pancake Swap;
  • Incineration. Some of the SAFEMOON tokens are subject to burning during each transaction. This contributes to a gradual decrease in the number of coins issued and an increase in their value.

Five reasons why we added SAFEMOON coin to the exchange:

  1. The total capitalization of the token exceeds $2 billion, and the daily trading volume is about $22 million. Just a few days after the launch, the coin entered the top 300 cryptocurrencies in the CoinMarketCap rating.
  2. The protocol uses a new system of rewards in the form of static or permanent payments, which directly depends on the trading volume. This allows you to minimize any impact on the token.
  3. The Safemoon ecosystem combines its own token, an online wallet, and soon, according to the developers ‘ promises, a desktop wallet and its own exchanger will be launched, which should have a positive impact on the cost of the token and the development of the project.
  4. The project community is developing rapidly. Since the launch of the project, more than two million people have become token holders, and this is just the beginning!
  5. The Safemoon protocol is protected from manipulation by developers, as the project management has burned almost all of its tokens. The protocol should now be managed exclusively by the community and token holders.

Read more about the Safemoon project here.

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