Security Bug Bounty Program

Become a bug hunter and find vulnerabilities in Kick Ecosystem!

Bored staying home on a long quarantine? Why not be productive, earn money, and do some meaningful work for the project you love.

We are launching the Security Bug Bounty program as a part of the pre-launch of the KickEX crypto exchange.

  • we are getting closer to the official launch of KickEX and getting rid of the small imperfections to make the platform operating perfectly for our users;
  • every security bug-hunter is able to get a reward from Kick Ecosystem;
  • every security bug-hunter has a chance to become a part of the Hall of Fame of Kick Ecosystem.

(!) An important part of the security bug-hunting is the final report. You must fill out a special report form that should contain a proof of the concept of exploiting vulnerabilities and steps to reproduce the occurrence of the vulnerability.

(!!) It is important to follow Safe Harbor and Responsible Disclosure practices. Please, read carefully the Kick Ecosystem Security Bug Bounty Policy before you start bug hunting.

(!!!) The reward will be paid to the best bug hunters in KickTokens.

Pump your IT skills, earn money, and become a part of the Hall of Fame in Kick Ecosystem.

Always yours,

Kick Ecosystem Team

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