Servers Migration and Trading Suspension: an Important Message from KickEX


To increase the stability of the infrastructure and security associated with sanctions threats, KickEX is organizing the relocation of its servers to Russia, regarding it the exchange temporarily suspends operations. After the completion of this process, the platform will continue its work in the standard mode.

“Our goal is maximum system reliability and the safety of our customers. Therefore, we have planned this step for a long time and, as the members of our groups know, this process has been going on for the fourth week. A temporary stop of trading activity is the final phase of the move, technically inevitable. Soon, after all the databases have been transferred and are ready to continue their work, we will return to the usual process,” says Anti Danilevsky, CEO and founder of Kick Ecosystem.

During the data migration, KickEX will temporarily suspend operations on the platform to avoid possible failures and errors in financial transactionsand desynchronization of financial accounting. Also, at the time of the move, the technical service will suspend trading, deposits, and withdrawals. Due to the huge amount of data, the migration will take approximately 2 days, but the team will do everything possible to resume work before this time.

Thank you for your understanding and for being with KickEX! Well, other good news is on the way.



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