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Many cryptocurrency holders have been facing the same problems using crypto, which for many made it only possible to find very few applications of the smart money.

First, it is still complex and for some barely possible to buy tokens due to a lack of credible exchanges or e-wallets. In addition to that, even the current leaders of the market normally prefer to cater to some particular regional markets, thus postponing the globalization of crypto.

Besides, the transaction fees are currently huge, much higher than those are on the fiat currency markets.

Moreover, those companies introducing their smart wallets did not actually improve the situation but rather made it more complex, since with the new line of e-wallets available a user is locked up within one system only.

“Convenience became an issue — none of these solutions let you store ALL your credit card info in one place. Eventually, using these technologies became troublesome, a glaring issue in a new generation where everything is available one click away. These solutions offer little to address the real issue at hand: to unite the existing fragmented systems.”

Finally, using crypto as a common payment method is delayed by the very small number of businesses and retailers accepting tokens. This made crypto a tool of speculative trade but almost put a wall between the users and the expected use of their smart money.

SGPay, a Singaporean project, offers their solution to all of the problems mentioned above:

  • an effective digital wallet platform to link your credit cards to your wallet or mobile app
  • a do-it-all mobile application and digital wallet to combine the two worlds of crypto and fiat currency
  • a holistic ecosystem integrating key merchant partners

Currently taking off in Singapore, SGPay aims to expand to the rest of Asia and when done, nothing will prevent it from becoming a globally accepted transactional ecosystem. To join the project at an early stage, take part in the SGPay tokensale: SGP tokens will give you an access to all the benefits, rewards and extras of the system.

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