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Hello, KICK Community! Another week, another listing. Today on KickEX, a token known for its nickname “The Real Ethereum Killer” has become available for trading. Our team is happy to announce the Solana token being listed on KickEX. This innovative token is available in the SOL/USDT trading pair.

Solana was developed by Anatoly Yakovenko, a respected engineer who previously worked at Dropbox and Qualcomm. Back in 2017, he had the idea of creating his own blockchain. Yakovenko later teamed up with another colleague from Qualcomm, Greg Fitzgerald, and by 2020 they launched Solana Labs. Their blockchain is designed to build a new financial model for managing the world.

A while after, the team rallied support from leading technology companies such as Apple, Intel, Microsoft, Google, Twitter, Dropbox, Qualcomm, and others.

What’s so great about SOL?

Solana was designed to address Ethereum’s shortcomings, namely the lack of scalability and the high transaction costs. The token was first launched on the Solana beta testing network in March 2020 and is currently among the top 7 largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

The number of investors and the interest shown by large tech corporations give Solana good support and make it a cryptocurrency worth looking at in the future as the project continues to grow.

Because of this, SOL has the potential to become a cryptocurrency with long-term success. Solana seeing rapid progress in the crypto industry in the future is not necessarily beyond the realm of reason.

Solana is an incredibly fast platform with high scalability and low transaction costs.

Some more important facts about Solana

Solana is now ranked at a whopping 7th place on CoinMarketCap with a total market value of more than $48 billion. Solana is trusted by leading IT companies due to the developers’ success in creating the world’s fastest blockchain platform. Solana token sales total more than $6.3 million per day.

By comparison, the Bitcoin blockchain can process about seven transactions per second, Ethereum (ETH) can process 30, and Solana can proces, wait for it, about 65,000 transactions per second — amazing! No one has yet to come close to that number, not even Visa.

Our team is happy to welcome another top cryptocurrency on KickEX. This gives you, our beloved users, more opportunities. There are more cool new listings to come! Tweet us which coin you’re waiting for next, and don’t forget to tag our account @kickexcom!

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