☘️St. Patrick’s Day Brings Luck

Invite friends to KickRef and receive 100,000 referral KickTokens. Your bonus will be doubled if the total amount of newcomers reaches 50,000 people

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Hello, dear Kick Community members!

We are launching a brand-new promotion that gives a great chance to get more bonuses for everyone! To receive 100,000 referral KickTokens we give you 7 lucky days. Participate all time from 17 of March 00:00 UTC — till 23 of March 23:59 UTC. So you just need to invite at least 5 friends to KickRef program and have them registered.

Buuuuut… that is not it, you may have your bonus doubled (100,000 X2 = 200,000) in case we reach 50,000 of new registered people in KickRef during the time of that promotion. That means that the maximum bonus you receive is going to be 200,000 referral KickTokens!

Register NOW in KickRef. Don’t miss out and catch the luck!

Always yours,

Kick Ecosystem Team

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