New AIO and the Kick Ecosystem Listing

Dear friends! We’re excited to present Star Strangers — the first AIO game on platform! We’ll also be listing the Star Strangers (STG) token on KickEX exchange almost immediately after the AIO’s completion. It won’t happen soon, after other rounds of tokensales, but nevertheless, there is already an agreement and it is fixed.



Star Strangers might visually remind you of Space Rangers, a gaming classic. Star Strangers actually features an extensive economy based solely on the STG token for in-game trading. That makes us more than confident that it won’t just be in demand, it’ll also have guaranteed utility. In terms of how serious the economy is, Star Strangers can be compared to Eve Online. At least, that’s the conclusion we’ve drawn after looking at the game’s White Paper.

And, of course, what’s a modern game without NFTs? Superpacks containing mysterious content, character portraits, space stations, and even planets and stars can be purchased during the NFT drop due to happen in the fall. What makes these NFTs especially cool is that they’re not just pictures: each NFT has its own value in the game world, allowing its owner to earn on the side. When you buy a character portrait, you can keep it for yourself or allow other players to use it by paying for the purchase with STG tokens. You can also become a real space magnate by buying a star and earning income from every transaction that takes place in your system.

We believe that the future of NFTs lies in projects like these, where the use of NFTs just makes sense. That’s why we’ve been quick to agree to support the Star Strangers team and recommend you get acquainted with this great project as well, join the Discord, support the development team here, and subscribe to the game’s Twitter here.

We wish the team good luck, a successful first NFT-drop, and many more spectacular releases! More announcements and partnerships are coming, stay tuned:

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