It was great having an infinite emission, but here our roads diverge.

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KICKICO and Bancor have been long-time partners. Once upon the ICO time, KickCoin activated Bancor protocol, and, being a “Smart token”, had reserves that made it liquid within the Bancor network.

As many of you are aware of the upcoming Token Swap on the 29th of August, that is designed to bring many changes to the smart contract and innovate the kickonomy. After Token Swap, KickCoin will become KickToken, and this is a necessary preparation for our future plans — KICKEX exchange launch and synergy work with KEX token that will be introduced later, together with the cryptocurrency mechanics that we have named “combonomics”.

However, due to our review of the emissions mechanic, with a great regret we must inform you that we have to delist KickCoin from Bancor Network, and KickToken will not be listed there. The reason is simple: in future, we will stop any emission of KickToken and, vice versa, will introduce a system that will be constantly removing KickTokens from the circulation. Thus, any emissions will be interfering with our demission strategy.

Despite the move, that is absolutely cruсial to our future development, KICK and Bancor remain good friends and partners and we thank their team for close cooperation and advisory. This is not the end of our synergies and surely we will be back with some bomb cooperation later.

Remember to jump into the Token Swap Campaign while it’s not too late, and watch KICK becoming harder better faster stronger!

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