KickEX: The 2nd Phase of Alpha Testing

Fresh KickEX news is here. The 2nd phase of the closed Alpha testing with a group of 40 testers from all over the world on KickEX has started today.

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Hello, Kick Community!

From now the testers have the access to a unique trading automation tool — the trailing stop orders. KickEX users can create trailing stops and stop losses that activate when the price of an asset reaches a certain level and move along with the price to ensure the order is executed at the best market conditions available without any trader involvement whatsoever. There is also an online assistant that is integrated into the exchange. It shows the trailing stop orders in work, making the very first trading steps easy and comprehensive for the users, especially for beginners in trading.

KickEX is an advanced trading digital asset exchange that takes a bank-grade approach to architecture and security. It features unique trading instruments that have so far not been implemented by any other digital asset trading platform such as robust customizable orders, that will further evolve, paired with the order constructor helping the trader to easily set them up.

Powered by high-end tech and capable of handling over 200 thousand transactions per second in its prototype version and up to 5 million transactions as the number of users grows, KickEX aims to redefine trading standards.

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So stay tuned, the history-making is on the way.

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