Here is a Friday evening story.

Dear users,

KICK ECOSYSTEM Team has been extremely surprised to learn from third-party resources that exchange has delisted KICK token following the news of the forthcoming KICK Token Swap without the prior notice.

An Official Statement from Medium Page

We would like to remind our community that high costs and resources have been invested into listing on exchange. KICK ECOSYSTEM held a trading competition and an airdrop for all party users worth of 7,500,000 million KICK.

Therefore, we find such delisting occasion unprofessional. KICK ECOSYSTEM team always protects its token holders, hence the necessary steps have been taken to prevent panic sell and dump.

The tokens stored on have been destroyed. All funds are safe. The tokens will be returned to the users after the token swap on the 29th of August.

If you, unfortunately, have been affected by this situation and cannot access your tokens, please contact us directly

Sincerely and be safe with KICKICO.


If only would not provoke panic sell and spread negativity about the Swap (without an official statement to KICK Team at least), nothing of this would have happen.

Please see:

Kick Token Swap Announcement 29 of August decides to delist KICK without an official notice (17:59 Moscow time)
This is what they say

KICK Team takes the necessary safety steps to prevent its users from the panic sell and dump. The team destroyed the tokens due to safety reasons. The funds are safe at KICKICO.

Destroy function in the smart contract
KICK destroys tokens stored on due to safety at 19:01:19 Moscow time releases a new article of delisting release once again a new statement of delisting

In their latest article claims to have provided proof of KICKICO initiating a clawback. We would like to debunk that proof: the provided screenshot is from our KICKEX — (Russian) trading chat. It is stated there that KICK CEO admits that a clawback was initiated, however, if one bothers to translate the phrase that the CEO wrote, he/she would get “maybe something happened, lol”. This only shows the incompetence of team and their attempts to find a scapegoat for their unjust actions. The rest is up to you to decide, we will no longer waste time on such petty accusations.

We would not recommend our community storing funds on Such behaviour is often seen prior scam exit of exchanges.

Thank you once again.

Welcome to the official Kick Ecosystem blog. It's great to have you with us, enjoy a good read! Our websites: |

Welcome to the official Kick Ecosystem blog. It's great to have you with us, enjoy a good read! Our websites: |