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We are gladly presenting you the first component of Kick Ecosystem, finally ready for the public Beta Testing. Experience our fully-fledged KickRef service — well, 99 percent ready — with its hypo-polished technology and other perks!

The Beta Testing means that the system is working correctly and you can start inviting your friends and build a 10-level network. By joining the program early participants receive huge benefits for early birds, including a chance to earn over $3,000 in KickTokens and upgrade the account to enable x2 increased rewards during the 1st year of KickEX operations. Start building your personal network for your active and passive income.

We highly value your input and would really appreciate it if you could spot any bugs and report them at

KickRef is meant to give millions a chance to earn by simply staying active and building up the network! We will be posting some educational content, so you can get a better grasp and ideas on how to execute the best practices of MLM marketing. Up to 50% of the KickEX revenue goes into the KickRef program becoming your money.

KickRef presents an opportunity for both newbies and professionals to practice the essential marketing strategies and get rewarded. It is an opportunity to manage your active income and generate your passive one, pure and simple. Your earnings are based on the trading fees paid by the invited traders on KickEX. Recruit new users, boost your network, generate your passive income.

Collab, climb the 10 tiers and start earning now with KickRef!

Yours Kick Ecosystem


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