The First Trading Competition on KickEX

Trade actively all week on KickEX and win up to 300 USDT!

We are launching the season of the hottest exchange contests on KickEX. We will hold a new competition and everyone will be able to participate and win prizes.

When do we start? On June 16, 2020, the first weekly trading volume contest is launched on the KickEX exchange.

Trading pairs: ETH / BTC, BTC / USDT, KICK / BTC.

Dates: the competition runs from 16:00 (UTC + 3) 16/06/20 to 11:00 (UTC + 3) 23/06/20.

Conditions: Among all the participants, we selected 10 winners who achieved the highest turnover in pairs ETH/BTC, BTC/USDT, and KICK/BTC in total. Only trades conducted on the KickEX exchange during the competition are taken into account.

(!) Please, mind that all trades that users do with themselves will be excluded.

Important: Make sure to repost a tweet with the rules of the contest from KickEX official Twitter account!

Prize pool: 600 USDT and 24,500,000 frozen KickTokens.


  • Place 1 place — 300 USDT;
  • 2nd place — 200 USDT;
  • 3rd place — 100 USDT;
  • 4th place — 5,000,000 KickTokens;
  • 5th place — 4,500,000 KickTokens;
  • 6th place — 4,000,000 KickTokens;
  • 7th place — 3,500,000 KickTokens;
  • 8th place — 3,000,000 KickTokens;
  • 9th place — 2 500 000 KickTokens;
  • 10th place — 2,000,000 KickTokens.

Start Trading!

Always yours,

Kick Ecosystem Team

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