The Kick Swap is Over, Analytics Service is on the Way

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Dear Friends,

The blockchain snapshоt was successfully executed on September 16 and the Kick Swap was over at 15:00 (UTC +3) on that date.

Let’s be clear: there were no delays or further extension of the Kick Swap Bonus Programme after September 16.

Where we are now

Our Development Team is working like bees to implement the Statistics Service on the Ethereum blockchain so that we can determine how many locked tokens are entitled to each user, as well as provide a tool for you to check your wallets for yourselves.

The service will become a part of KickWallet and users will always have an opportunity to scan their wallets to see how many tokens they own. As we grow and develop, the service will transform to a full-fledged Analytics and Statistic Service serving the Ethereum blockchain and all tokens on it. We have received a lot of interesting and insightful info, while on the road of developing it. Our analytics are all about quality and fresh data, digging into and revealing the most interesting and unique features of the crypto market, not available anywhere else!

As soon as we complete the basics mechanics of the service, it will be directly integrated with KickID, thus allowing us to upgrade everyone’s Swap Tier, and refund the traders that were, unfortunately, affected by malicious acts of gate io.

Stay tuned for some sharp-witted insights!

Yours Kick Ecosystem

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