The Rating System on KickRef is out!

Receive additional rewards and extra referral tokens for expanding your referral network

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How do the Ratings work

The rating is formed based on the number of points you have. Points are credited for every active referral you have invited into your network on all levels. An active referral is someone who has also invited someone down his list. In other words, the more active referrals you have at all the levels in the referral network, the higher your position is in the rating is and, thereafter, the bigger is the reward.

There will be 6 different leagues: Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Newbie. When you are a part of any league above the Newbie level, you will receive guaranteed rewards!

Below you can find the chart with the number of points you earn according to the referral level:

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All the referrals must be active, thus they need to invite at least one new user

Ranking System prize distribution

Kick Ecosystem introduces a huge prize fund of 4,500,000,000 referral KickTokens for its referral participants. The reward is to be shared among all the referrers who have reached at least the Bronze division. All users will be divided into 5 divisions based on the number of direct referrals (those who register through the personal link). Top-100 users will receive the highest prize: 5,000,000 Referral KickTokens each. The user must invite enough people to qualify for the Bronze level to be eligible for any reward.

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*Percentage of all participants in the ranking except the top 100 users (participants of the Diamond division)

The rating system will be in place until KickEX exchange launches. All rewards will be calculated in the first 60 days after the exchange goes live. Later, there will be an upgrade to the whole rating system.

KickEX is an innovative cryptocurrency exchange of the Kick Ecosystem project with convenient smart tools for more efficient trading of traders: double and sliding stop orders.
KickRef is a referral exchange program created for additional passive earnings.

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