The trending XRP token is now available on KickEX

Why XRP should have a spot in your portfolio

You can start trading XRP on KickEX

Dear KickEX users! The most discussed coin of 2021, XRP, has appeared in KickEX cryptocurrency exchange listing and is already available for buying and selling in XRP/USDT trading pair. The XRP token, with a capitalization of $36.6 billion, is the 6th most popular cryptocurrency according to CoinMarketCap.

Why XRP should have a spot in your portfolio

The XRP token by Ripple has become the most discussed crypto-asset as a result of increased attention from regulators, who have initiated legal action against the issuing company. The creators of XRP managed to prove to the SEC that the token is not a security. The incident only benefited the asset, which has risen considerably in the last six months, from $0.28 in December 2020 to $0.80 in August 2021.

And so, this is why you should add XRP to your portfolio.

  1. It’s a popular and effective product. The Ripple network was originally created as a faster, more efficient and cheaper alternative to payment systems like SWIFT. Last year, the company sponsored the development of the international money transfer system MoneyGram and registered its own product, PayString, designed to receive and distribute money transfers and gifts in both fiat and virtual currencies. Ripple also offers its developments for the creation of central bank digital currencies (CBDC);
  2. A strong community. The price of the XRP token is supported by a huge community from around the world. XRP holders were the first to defend the company from the SEC and began buying coins en masse to prevent the asset from being dumped. According to Ripple, the number of wallets with balances between 1 million XRP and 10 million XRP increased in the first three months of 2021. Their number grew from 71 wallets to 1,196.
  3. Trading accessibility. XRP tokens can be purchased on any exchange from the top 50 list. Now buying and selling the coin is also available on KickEX crypto exchange.

You can start trading XRP token on KickEX exchange. If you don’t have any experience in cryptocurrency trading, take a training course at Kick Academy. You can also use our multilevel referral program to generate a passive income.

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