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We have recently released our New Community Choice to let our platform users influence the project course at KICKICO, so now it is time to do the second part: with the decision making powers transferred to you, we need to make sure everything is fixed on the projects’ side.

In order to attract more, we decided to make the collaboration of backers and authors more lucrative for both sides by minimizing our platform’s reward.

Previously, the project granted a 10% bonus for backers in KICK and we had a 4% commission charged to the pledges in ETH: in return, we issued a 4% cashback in KICK to the ETH backers.

The renewed commissions and requirements are made simpler and cheaper:

  • every backer to pledge in ETH via KICKICO gets a 5% bonus to the tokens purchased;
  • every backer to pledge in KICK via KICKICO gets a 10% bonus to the tokens purchased;
  • KICKICO receives 5% of the funds raised at our platform in the project’s tokens only.

We would like to highlight that KICKICO now doesn’t charge a commission in ETH: every project only pays in their own tokens; besides, we do not charge any commission or fee to any dime processed outside of KICKICO.

Now, with the new commission in place, it becomes almost free for any project to launch at KICKICO: the only fee applied before the tokensale is 2000 KICK to list a project in the Community Choice Rating, these amounts of KICK are burnt at our platform.

We hope with no obstacles left in your way, you will find it most convenient to run your tokensale with us. Good luck with your campaign!

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