Trade LINK and win $10,000 in crypto

Make the biggest trading volume in Chainlink pairs

ear, traders! We continue a sequence of the hottest DeFi tokens listings on the KickEX exchange. This time it is a popular Chainlink (LINK) token. In this contest, 100 participants will get a guaranteed prize and additional $KEX tokens that they farm while trading. Remember, that $KEX is magical and help to unfreeze frozen KickTokens.

What is LINK? LINK — an ERC-677 token, the cryptocurrency native to the Chainlink decentralized oracle network, used to pay node operators.

How to participate? Go to the official KickEX Twitter account and make a retweet of the pinned post. During the period of the competition, actively trade LINK/BTC and LINK/USDT pairs using any type of order on the KickEX exchange.

Register or Sign up on KickEX → Retweet the post → Trade LINK → Win $KEX & KICK prize

Prize fund: a total of $10,000 — $5000 in $KEX and $5000 in KICK

Winners: The competition will be won by 5 top traders who have achieved the highest trading volumes in the LINK/BTC and LINK/USDT pairs in total — they share $7600 worth of crypto in $KEX and KICK. The remaining $1200 in $KEX and $1200 in KICK will be equally allocated between all the participants that did not finish in the top 5, but took part in the contest and made at least $100 in trading volume in LINK/USDT and LINK/BTC pairs.


Where will I find my rewards?

  • All awards will be distributed to the winners’ accounts within a week after the end of the competition.
  • $KEX rewards will appear on the exchange account.
  • The USDT equivalent will be calculated depending on the actual exchange rate of the tokens at the time rewards are paid;
  • KickTokens that the winners receive in this contest will appear on the ecosystem account, which means that these tokens the value of these KickTokens is equal to the market value of ordinary KickTokens, however, it is impossible to withdraw them. These tokens can only be used to pay for the services within the Kick Ecosystem. For example, for a partial payment of trading fees on the KickEX;

How can I use $KEX token?

$KEX is a semi-stable token of the KickEX exchange that is backed by proof-of trading mechanics and a fixed price within the Kick Ecosystem. The $KEX token is rewarded to traders according to their trading volumes on the KickEX exchange. Traders receive 1 $KEX for every 2 USDT in trading commissions paid. Traders will require $KEX token in order to unfreeze the frozen KickTokens from the FrozenDrop.

We intentionally decided to use $KEX tokens as the main prize in this contest, since a very famous Frozen Drop mechanism will soon go LIVE, so everyone will be able to unfreeze their KickTokens received earlier as part of the FrozenDrop. One of the conditions to unfreeze KickTokens will be having enough $KEX tokens on the KickEX balance. In this contest, you can win $KEX more easily than having to trade and earn $KEX as cashback. Do not miss this opportunity and then unfreeze your KickTokens before anyone else!

I don’t have any LINK tokens, how can I get them?

  1. You may exchange LINK for the crypto you already have: BTC or USDT;
  2. Buy BTC or USDT for fiat using a bank card (Visa or Mastercard) right on KickEX and then exchange crypto for LINK tokens.

May I see the previous contests, the winners and their prizes?

Sure, please, visit this page and take a look at the finished contests on KickEX.

Are there any restrictions and special terms?

  • Only trades made on the KickEX exchange during the contest period are considered;
  • You cannot make trades with yourself;
  • The trading data of the competition page is updated every 5 minutes;
  • You are welcome to use your automated trading bot or API in this contest. This article will help you to learn;
  • KickEX exchange reserves the right to make a final interpretation of this promotion — so don’t be a cheater.

Participate and trade LINK now!

Always yours,

Kick Ecosystem Team

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