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Dear community,

As some exchanges have all of a sudden stopped KICK withdrawals prematurely, and many people simply did not have enough time to withdraw KICK to personal wallets to receive the SWAP bonus, KICK Team is forced to extend the SWAP bonus deadline to 16th of September. On this date, we will do another blockchain snapshot at 15:00 UTC +3, and bonuses for the added amount of KICK will be accrued. The new bonuses will be distributed within a week, approximately on the 16–17th of September, you will receive them.

Bonus will be allocated to those who have not yet received it and is trying to withdraw KICK tokens from exchanges.

If KICK Tokens are sent to an address that already holds the bonus, the extra bonus will be accrued only to the added amount. It is important to remember, to avoid malicious acts that if you have withdrawn KICK earlier, the new withdrawn amount will be regarded as NEW AMOUNT and shall not sum up with the previous amount of KICK you hold. For example, if you have received a bonus on the amount of 10M KICK on the 29th of August, but on the 5th of September had the opportunity to withdraw more KICK to your personal wallet, say another 5M KICK, then you will receive an additional bonus on the 16th of September according to your new tier, which is 5M KICK and not the total of 15M that you hold all together.

We understand that exchanges took KICK holders by surprise as they shut down KICK withdrawals way ahead of the SWAP. Since we cannot influence the exchange’s decision, our Team decides to extend the SWAP bonus deadline to 16th of September. This is done to compensate unexpectedly stopped KICK withdrawals as well as to give everyone some more time to receive a great bonus of up to 150%.

KICK is working for its community, and our goal to make our project supporters the happiest in the crypto-world.

The second blockchain snapshot on the 16th of September was not executed. All the bonuses were credited during the first round with the deadline on 29th of August. The extended Swap Bonus was replaced by the Frozen Drop of 888,888 Kick Tokens to more than 167,375 crypto users. However, if you were set to receive more than 888,888 Kick Tokens during the extension of the Swap Bonus, please send a message to support@kickico.com with all the details.

Thank you for reading.

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