New listing on KickEX: USD Coin (USDC)

And adding of KICK/ADA pair

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3 min readAug 25, 2021


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Dear KickEX users!

Now there are more opportunities on KickEX for those who prefer to have stablecoins in the portfolio. We added the support of USD Coin (USDC), #8 in CoinMarketCap token rating. USDC allows physical persons who don’t have bank accounts or broad access to banking services, to have asset backed by the US dollar only if you have a computer or a mobile phone.

In compare with USDT, USDC is a safer means of storing money. Lots of experts trust less USDT, because of Tether’s makers are reluctant to conduct an independent audit of the company. Such audit can prove the validity or absence of a binding of coins to the dollar. Moreover, USDT isn’t subject to clear legislative regulation and is still in the “gray” zone, which increases the risks for those who use it.

The creators of alternative currency USDC, Circle and Coinbase enjoy the market with their transparency — all accounts and code are available to users and regulators.

USDC is already available for purchase and sale on KickEX, trading pairs: KICK/USDC, USDC/USDT, BTC/USDC, ETH/USDC.

Besides, due to your requests, as an experiment we add a trading pair KICK/ADA. We will observe the dynamics and popularity of this pair in the near future and, if it is popular and widely used, the pair will remain on KickEX exchange.

Why USDC? There are some reasons:

  1. It is stable. 1 USDC = 1$. You can change cryptocurrency to US dollars at any moment;
  2. It is safely. Each USDC unit is provided with a similar unit in dollars. The asset is held in accounts with financial institutions regulated by the US authorities;
  3. It has credibility. The partner of Circle in creating USD Coin became Coinbase, which is the largest platform for the purchase and sale of cryptocurrency. The scale is hard to imagine — more than 48 million verified and more than 3 million active users per month. The value of the company on the market exceeds $67.5 billion!
  4. It is transparent. The creators of USD Coin make transaction and security reports publicly available. The code is also open to the public, and any trader or investor can check it for malfunctions or irregularities;
  5. It is safely (yep, again). USDC meets all the requirements of US asset laws and its main partners are the giants of the world cryptocurrency (Bitmain, Goldman Sachs Group, DG Capital);
  6. It is Ethereum. The token developers used Ethereum blockchain to create USDC, and thus their leading smart contracts.

We believe that USDC will be a great part of your portfolio, start trading on KickEX now!

If you don’t have any experience in cryptocurrency trading, then take a training course at Kick Academy. You can also use our multilevel referral program or KICK token staking program to generate passive income.

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