Use Kick Coins to BET. RACE. WIN.

Welcome another case of KICKONOMY — Kick Coin is accepted in the DAPCAR game! Moreover, KICK community is eligible for a special bonus from the project. But let’s start at the beginning.

Only Kick Coin owners can exchange their tokens for super fancy race cars with a discount of 50%!

There is also a big BONUS: read our blog post to an end, and you will find out how to get $150 in game tokens for free!

Founders of DAPCAR refer to the game as a “multiplayer competitive game of new generation on blockchain technology”. This means that the platform is dominated by cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, and absolute transparency. You participate in the race by paying some cryptocurrency and competing with participants from around the world. Promising, isn’t it?

It is only a small piece of cake, what’s more, is that it does not matter whether you are a young Padawan or an online games Jedi master. Your intuition determines the outcome of the game.

Victory depends on three factors:
- The car;
- The tuning of the car;
- Self-selected parameters of each race

The race is entirely fair, and even developers do not have a chance to influence the outcome of the race, thanks to smart contracts.

Let’s talk more about the DAPCAR race itself.

Since this is a crypto-race, you will need to install the MetaMask crypto-wallet to your browser or enter the game using the mobile app.
If you are using a phone, DAPCAR team recommends using the COINBASE Wallet.
There is a step-by-step explanation in the DAPCAR multilingual chat, where technical support is available and willing to guide you to your first crypto-race.

Last, but not least are the promised BONUSES

With Kick Coin, you can buy DAPBOX before 30.04.2019 with a 50% discount — (approx 1500 KICK). Find out how HERE.

To receive $50 for free = 5 DAPBOX for KICK, refer to the following:
- Log in into the game using or
- After entering the game, send an email with the subject “KICKICO50” and the text “ My wallet address 0x … “ to the email:

To get $150 =15 DAPBOX, you need to post the link with a comment about the game in your social media: Facebook, Twitter, VK, Medium, Reddit. Then do the following:
- Log in into the game using or a wallet
- After the login, send an email with the subject “KICKICO150” and the text “My wallet address 0x…” to the email and paste the links to your post on social media.

This is simply it. See you on track! Hurry up, time and cars are limited.

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