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4 min readApr 12, 2018

Alexander Petrov, the KICKICO platform cofounder, together with the Menaskop exchange founder Vladimir Popov did lectures and a sessions in the technological university of Córdoba, he National University of Córdoba and Blaise Pascal University. The series of lectures were on cryptocurrencies, the future of ICO and blockchain-projects.

Vladimir Popov did a speech on whether people should do their own blockchain projects (spoiler: they shoudn’t if they can do without them).

“The key point is that an ICO first and foremost must deliver a product that is useful for people, must solve the problems that customers have. Blockchain without the Information Technology does not exist. This means that everything that has to do with automation — Big Data, Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence — has potential to benefit from such solutions”.

Vladimir also mentioned the economy side of the question. As Popov said, almost half of the ICO projects now are scam. People are focused on collecting the money and not on delivering innovative solutions or quality service.
The relatively simple criteria to start a company and zero bureaucracy are now an oasis for the get-rich-quick kind of people. And yet, blockchain projects should and must be done. What’s important is to focus on delivering unique solutions, select the target audience correctly for your project and work on all the details before you launch.

Alexander Petrov did a lot of discussions and worked closely with the audience on the blockchain and economy issues. “The most important mistake of those who do ICOs is incorrect positioning of ICO as a concept. An ICO is a way of creating a token economy and not to raise funds” — Alexander said.
There are no indicators of the market disappearing. What’s happening right now is the restructuring of it from the ground up, the market is waiting for the new Bill Gates and Elon Musks”.

Alexander also emphasised that financial institutions are publicly speaking of implementing decentralized solutions. But what are these going to be? Are they going to be interconnected with each other?
We also had a lunch with the Córdoba government representatives, responsible for innovation. Sandra Trigo, a member of the Legislative Assembly of Córdoba, said that they are eager to support the crypto industry on the government level.
Together with Sandra Trigo, there were discussed the steps that the government must take to run tenders on the blockchain. Also we were handed a document declaring that the legislative body of Córdoba is interested in blockchain. A discussion can now be started on creating an economic zone with a special tax regime for crypto startups.
The presentation that followed was in the oldest university of the country — the National University of Córdoba. There were more than 250 attendees. The president of the university signed the “Declaration of educational interest for blockchain”. This declaration is an official confirmation of the university to put in the curriculum an educational course on the blockchain technology. We agreed on doing the course for the university.

On April 7 our team took part in the conference on the territory of the private Blaise Pascal University. There was a series of presentations on ICO, blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Alexander Petrov did several consultations with the business and authority representatives. There were also representatives of the municipality who were interested in doing their pilot document flow project on blockchain.

The representatives of the private bank Tarjeta Naranja were interested in learning how to legally work with the cryptocurrencies. As a result, a roadmap was produced.

The Pagomix company demoed its MVP — a device that connects to the phone and accepts payment from the bank card. Together with Pagomix, cryptocurrency payments were discussed as a possible option.

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