Voila! Your KickCoins are served.

YES! There are hurricanes in the Atlantic and in CryptoSpace as well, namely, FUD hurricanes! The KICKICO’s ICO has been completed only for a few days now and the Team has already experienced gail force questions on our social media channels. Issues ranging from “Where are My Tokens?” to “What Exchanges are We Listed On?” to “What is the Emission Calculation?”. In the previous post we let you know about further plans. Now, we are ready for our promises’ realization — firstly, updating and replacing your KickCoins with KICK tokens.

The solution with a new smart contract required a new currency issue from that point on during the ICO. This did confuse many in our community. However, this maneuver was simply like an update on your phone that happens every so often. Once the update occurs, you may notice small changes but everything basically is as it was before. That is also the beauty of blockchain technology. YES, SAID and DONE! Our Team has successfully “updated” all valid ICO accounts in our system and backers got new version of our KICK tokens. This “update 2.0” should resolve any and all issues that people have concerning their emission calculations as well as inquiries about circulation volume.

At the time of this post:

Total Amount of Emission is 457,760,867.8408

Now, that Hurricane FUD is passing, let’s turn our attention to the future. It is time to really look at what a great platform we have, what a strong Team we have, and what a smart, cohesive community we have! Going forward, we have many exciting things in store and regarding upcoming ICOs, our new Community Choice process that will allow you, the community members, to continue to keep our platform organized, well regulated, and FUN! So, let’s all stick together as a community to support our platforms and KICKONOMY. Let’s get things done LIKE A BOSS!

Reminding you how to add KICK to your myetherwallet.com

Sign in your Ethereum wallet (usually it is https://www.myetherwallet.com/#view-wallet-info)

Choose «Add custom token». You will see three fields: token name, wallet address и decimals.

Address — 0x27695e09149adc738a978e9a678f99e4c39e9eb9

Token name — KICK

Decimals — amount of digits after the point, note 8

Press Save and you will see your KickCoins balance.

Stay tuned!

If you have any questions that we didn’t address yet, we welcome you in our groups! Our tech support is active 24/7.

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