Vote for KICK to be listed on COBINHOOD

It is now the time to get a bit active again: KickCoin has been nominated and via your voting will be listed on COBINHOOD, a new exchange in our growing crowd.

Everyone’s participation is absolutely vital, and we hope many have already seen the effect of each new exchange on the KICK exchange rate. As we said, the logic is simple: the higher volumes are available to trade KICK, the easier it becomes to buy and sell it, so the higher the awareness of KickCoin and the platform itself. Therefore, the more exchanges we are supported by, the faster the growth of the exchange rate along with the development of the whole ecosystem.

To help this development for every KICK holder is to help themselves, while for us getting listed by new services is to increase our span and mark our step-by-step progress. To help the development this particular time every voter should follow the link:

and there cast your vote for KickCoin by ticking the left empty square next to KICK.

The voting will be conducted from Jan, 19, 00:00:00 to Jan, 29, 23:59:59 (UTC+0).

There is a simple set of rules to submit:

First, every account can only vote once, which sounds totally fair.

Second, an account MUST have at least 30 COBs (exchange tokens) to be able to cast a vote, which doesn’t qualify for a fee: these tokens are not consumed by any charge, they are simply required for an account to be verified.

Once KickCoin wins the nomination with your votes, KICK’s victory is declared officially by COBINHOOD and we get listed, while you get the benefits of it.

There are several things to be aware of to keep everything fully legit:

1. If two tokens receive the same number of votes, then the first one to reach the amount during the voting period will be the winner.

2. Getting a token listed on the COBINHOOD exchange still needs legal review and contract processing. If the ICO project or tokens cannot pass our strict due diligence and legal compliance review, or, if the token has significant tech issues, COBINHOOD still has the right to reject the listing or to cease the service.

3. If the champion token cannot be listed on COBINHOOD exchange due to the issues above or the champion gives up the right to be listed on COBINHOOD exchange, then the chance to be listed for free will go to the token with the second highest number of votes.

4. Any malicious attempts to manipulate the outcome of the event may lead to disqualification.

5. The COBINHOOD team has the right to review records/data of every account and revoke winners’ titles if the team detects any irregularities

6. The COBINHOOD team retains the final interpretation of the activity.

A few things to finally convince you press several buttons:

COBINHOOD is the world’s first “ZERO Trading Fees” cryptocurrency exchange with vision to maximize traders’ profits. Traders now can enjoy ZERO trading fees for spot trading and margin trading up to 10x leverage. COBINHOOD’s proprietary order matching engine can process millions of orders with sub-millisecond latency. The whole system is designed to be fully distributed, highly available, and auto scalable, achieving the ultimate trading experience for traders around the globe.

Thus, getting us listed by voting, everyone achieves three great results:

First of all, we grow KICKONOMY stronger by making KickCoin more spread.

Second, each of you can benefit from making KickCoin more spread by getting better trading options.

Finally, COBINHOOD is a zero-fee exchange with a nice user-friendly interface, so getting listed here is just an advantage for private trader’s use.

Please, your support for KICK by voting for listing on COBINHOOD and help our community become stronger worldwide.

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