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Some fair questions to pose are: “What is the use of the currency, why is it created, and where will it be used?” Kickonomy is a platform that will become the stage for a plethora of projects to successfully collect funds from contributing users. The users fund the projects via KickCoin, and the KickCoin is what the projects receive upon completion of their fundraiser.

These kinds of service I divided into 2 groups. You should pay only with KickCoins for all of them, and they are all different. I’ll publish the pricelist later. I’m sure that offering all these kinds of services and options will create a great demand for the KickCoins on the exchanges.

For authors

Payment for a review

Draft moderation

Moderation before launching

Paying for smart-contract deploy

Guarantee of getting into our digest

Payment for translation and proofreading services

Payment for creative content

Payment for the services of community advisors


For community

Election of community advisors

Electing moderators

Voting for a project

Benefits of voting

  • Makes a project get a higher position on the list on the main page of the site;
  • Gives the opportunity to become ‘the choice of the community’;
  • Increases the chances to get included into the digests and newsletters of the platform;
  • Increases the chances of being refererred to in the articles and blogs of regular platform writers, including FB, Twitter, and other sites followed by the platform.

Social benefits

Fine and penalty payments, set by moderators

Virtual gifts


And one more thing. Having written this article, I understood that KICKICO is not just an ICO creation platform for crowdfunding companies, creating blocks, and making smart contracts. I want to you to think about our platform as about self-regulating community, and the platform that we’re creating for it.

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