We credited almost all referral bonuses for registrations and user leagues & ratings in KickRef

Your rewards (Referral KickTokens) for registration, participation in ratings and other referral activities are displayed in funds of the KickEX exchange account

The season of leagues and ratings in KickRef has come to an end. This is a system of leagues and ratings, where the participants received additional rewards. We have already credited KickRef users with the bonuses (Referral KickTokens) for participating in the rating season.

Read more about the rating and rewards here.

Where to see your rewards?

To view the earned bonuses, log in to your Kickex.com account → go to the “Funds” tab → “Balance” of the ecosystem account.

In the “Funds” section of the KickEX exchange account, you can see the earned rewards

KickRef season of leagues and rating results

Total participants — 31.648 people

Total reward pool — 4,500,000,000 KICK

Credited rewards per divisions:

Diamond — 500,000,000 KICK

Platinum — 1.500.000.000 KICK

Gold — KICK

Silver — 750,000,000 KICK

Bronze — 500,000,000 KICK

Rewards per user:

Diamond — 5.000.000 KICK

Platinum — 632.111 KICK

Gold — 263.435 KICK

Silver — 118.540 KICK

Bronze — 63.219 KICK

Total participants per division:

Diamond — 100

Platinum — 2.373

Gold — 4.745

Silver — 6.327

Bronze — 7.909

Newbie — 10.194

When does the next season start?

We will announce the start of the 2nd season soon. Besides, the users received bonuses on the ecosystem’s account for registering in KickRef and participating in other promo activities. The rewards for invited referrals of the 1st level (only those who have passed KYC) will be credited later.

Join KickRef and earn extra rewards!

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