Weekly Update from KickEX: Improvements and New Features

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2 min readJun 13, 2024

We are excited to share the latest achievements of our development team aimed at enhancing the functionality of the KickEX cryptocurrency exchange. Here’s what has been accomplished this week across various areas.

Week 23


  • Bug Fixes for Authorization: We fixed issues to ensure users can log in seamlessly.
  • Localization Cleanup in Localazy: We streamlined localizations to improve user experience in different languages.
  • Position List Update: Updated position data to ensure information accuracy.
  • Exchange Bug Fixes: Addressed errors in exchange functionality to enhance reliability.
  • Dependency Updates and Build Fixes for Environments: Updated libraries and fixed builds to ensure the application runs stably in different environments.
  • Metric Event Additions: Implemented events to track key metrics and improve analytics.


  • OneAlpha Connector: Implemented a connection with the OneAlpha platform to expand functional capabilities.
  • Bot Support: Introduced bot support to automate processes and increase efficiency.
  • Analytics Dashboards: Created analytical panels for monitoring and analyzing data.
  • Monetix Integration: Integrated Monetix to provide additional financial services.

iOS & Android

  • CFD Search Interface Update: Improved the search interface for Contracts for Difference (CFD) to help users find information faster.
  • CFD Search Algorithm Refinement: Enhanced the search algorithm for better accuracy and relevance of results.
  • Updated Trading Screens: Refreshed the trading screen interface for a better user experience.
  • Order Creation and Order History: Added functionality for creating orders and viewing their history, allowing users to manage their trades conveniently.
  • Trade Screen Creation (Trade Tab): Implemented a new trading screen to simplify the trading process.
  • Order Creation Screen: Developed an interface for quick and easy order creation.


We are continuously working to improve our product and hope that these changes make using KickEX even more convenient and efficient. Thank you for staying with us!

Stay tuned for our updates and new features. We always welcome your feedback and suggestions!



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