Welcome and cheers to KickEX, a letter from the CEO

Anti Danilevski has written a personal message to all Kick Ecosystem community revealing plans and expressing gratitude

Dear Friends!

I am extremely happy and proud to announce the long-awaited launch of KickEX exchange!

Finally, we have completed this huge step towards our ambitious goal to create a revolutionary new financial ecosystem. I believe that KickEX will transform the way we think about cryptocurrency trading today and what a modern, high-quality exchange should look like.

I am confident that this moment is the beginning of a new era not only for the entire cryptocurrency and digital asset trading industry but also for fundraising. KickEX is not just an exchange. It is also the heart and the main engine of KickICO — the platform where it all began.

KickICO has been completely redesigned and rebuilt from the ground up, and we will relaunch this new and improved version once we meet our criteria for exchange liquidity. This platform will provide all fundraisers with an open, transparent and safe way to raise funds using what we call an AIO model. This is our invention, a model that protects token buyers from sudden price devaluations and speculation after a project has raised enough funds and a token has been listed on exchanges.

I would like to express my personal thanks to the whole KICK project team who have done a tremendous job on a project that took more than two years of hard work. Thanks to your perseverance, dedication and care over the smallest of details, we have together created a high-class product. No matter how clichéd it sounds, it is a next-gen product.

There is huge potential for the ecosystem that we are building together, and the products that are in development, to build a large and serious business the like of which has not yet appeared in the crypto industry. Everything that exists on the market now is nothing compared to what we are creating, and soon everyone will see this for themselves.

I sincerely believe that thanks to our strategy, methodical approach, focus, consistency and, of course, advanced technology, we will set an insurmountable standard of quality for today’s competitors.

Everyone is interested in the dynamics of our ecosystem, so I will tell you about the current processes and our near-term plans.

1. FrozenDrop

We have completed the FrozenDrop and we believe that its goals have been successfully achieved. Due to the FrozenDrop, more than 1 million people have received frozen KickTokens and many of them have learned about the Kick Ecosystem for the first time.

Due to FrozenDrop, more than 10,000 people joined our different language chats. Moreover, this is only an intermediate effect and not FrozenDrop’s ultimate goal. We can compare it to a time-delayed bomb that will explode when the price of the KickToken more or less recovers. When the price reaches a significant value, a very impressive part of this million people will suddenly see that instead of tokens worth $10–20, their balance will have three or four zeros on the end. As it will be possible to unfreeze these tokens by trading on KickEX, a large number of traders will come to the exchange, and we expect this to provide huge liquidity.

In about a year from now, we will start buying back KickTokens and plan to burn all KickTokens that have not been unfrozen. Those who do not unfreeze them will forfeit them, which gives them additional incentive to come to the exchange before that happens.

2. KEX token

One of the first listings on the exchange will be our KEX Utility Token. This is one of our inventions, that we refer to as a “semi-stable token”. For many people, especially those who received 888,888 KickTokens through FrozenDrop, this is a very important point, because they will need KEX tokens to unfreeze Kick tokens received through FrozenDrop. You will earn KEX every time you trade, and we will give more information on KEX as we get closer to the listing. We plan to list other tokens after generating high liquidity on the main cryptocurrency pairs and add the major, most popular cryptocurrencies.

3. Future token listings

We will regularly add the most popular and requested cryptocurrencies that meet the KickEX safety and quality criteria. We are planning to add BCH, LTC, PAX, TRON, XRP and others in the near future.

4. KickEX & KickToken performance

Of course, traders and holders of KickTokens are interested in its price. The price depends directly on the trading transactions on the KickEX exchange and the organic demand for the token. Thus, the more you and your referrals (people that you invited via your referral link, that can be found on the exchange or on the KickRef account) trade with us, the faster the price will increase. The sooner KickEX makes a profit, the sooner we will be able to start the buy-back we mentioned earlier. In addition, the sooner it happens, the sooner the magic I promised you will start. So if you are now trading on other exchanges somewhere, come to us and do it with us. Then we will see KickToken again in the Top 30, and eventually in the Top 5.

5. KickEX app

The KickEX mobile application is in active development. Design and architecture work have been the most complex and time-consuming elements, but they are now complete. Already this month the direct implementation of the application will begin, and I hope that in autumn we will release it for both iOS and Android. Until then, KickEX’s responsive design will ensure it works well on mobile devices.

6. KickRef

The functionality of KickRef referral program is fully integrated with the exchange. Now is the time to contact all of the people you referred to let them know that trading is available to all verified users. Explain to them that finally, both of you will be able to receive referral incomes and that you will start receiving referral incomes from July 2020.

Remember that KickRef has a built-in messenger, through which you can contact each of your referrals and announce the launch of the exchange. This is important because many of them registered a long time ago and some may have forgotten about it. If you do not have any referrals, be sure to share your link with someone who might be interested, because KickEX shares up to 50% of its profit with the referral network. It means that you will be able to earn in a way that does not interfere with your trading abilities, by developing KickEX together with us and attracting new active traders who will create a legendary passive income for you!

7. Compliance

Since KickEX is registered in Estonia and has an Estonian license, it is obliged to comply with the requirements of the European Union regulations. At Kick Ecosystem, we conduct legal business and therefore we comply with all regulatory requirements. For this reason, the KickEX exchange cannot allow traders from sanctioned countries to trade. The same applies to US citizens: in order to allow them, we need to obtain a huge number of expensive licenses. We are already working on it, and are looking for a solution for people who are not lucky enough to be on the list of citizens from permitted countries. We understand that those people are not guilty of anything, and it is certainly unfair to restrict them. Therefore, I apologize to all those who will not be able to trade on our exchange yet. We are doing everything we can to find a solution as soon as possible, and we already have some ideas that we are working on with our lawyers.

To conclude, we have some bright and interesting events ahead of us. Each release will exponentially increase the efficiency of the entire ecosystem, scaling it both vertically and horizontally. Once again, I encourage you all to be as active as possible on our digital asset exchange. I encourage you to help us develop it by reporting bugs and suggesting improvements, invite friends and spread the word about KickEX to those who have not yet heard of us. Only together can we achieve our ambitious common goals, and the involvement of each of you is important and valuable. For my part, I promise that we will implement everything we promised in our White Paper and our roadmap, and do it efficiently, successfully and beautifully!

I wish you good and successful trading,
Anti Danilevski,
Founder and CEO of Kick Ecosystem

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