Welcome Zulfo: first Integrated Trading & Financing Platform on Blockchain on the KICKICO platform

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The Financing industry is in dire need of new innovations to ensure an easy, transparent and accessible financing ecosystem for the SMEs. A new disruptive solution provider Zuflo.IO with its blockchain and smart contracts technology is launching at KICKICO.

The benefits of taking-part in revolutionizing the world by supporting the Zuflo IO are obvious. Zuflo.IO will allow platform users to improve efficiency, error reduction, time-savings, and straight-through processing without any intermediates, and with Artificial Intelligence Management tools.

Zuflo IO is the First Integrated Trading & Financing Platform on Blockchain with some ambitions plans:

  • Integrate into $8 Trillion+ Global Forex and its related Assets’ Legacy Market
  • Develop the biggest trading liquidity pool comprised of ZFL token holders
  • Develop the ZFL Exchange front-end trading dashboard and wallet
  • Introduce financing, credit and margin using cryptocurrency

And this is not the end! You can learn more about the project here

The key dates of supporting this new-generation project are between 30th April — 30th May 2018. Make sure not to miss out!

To take part in the tokensale, follow our standard procedure at KICKICO: every ETH pledge gets a 5% bonus and every KICK contribution is entitled to a 10% bonus!

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