Binance, a crypto exchange platform has announced the New Round of the Community Coin of the month: a voting that is to take place from November, 30, 10:00 AM (UTC) to December, 5, 10:00 AM (UTC).

We decided to take part in the voting and enlisted KickCoin for the nomination. The prize for the first place is the token to be listed on Binance, which is a large crypto exchange. We hope we fill find your good support in this voting since our victory is a benefit for every KickCoin рolder: the more exchanges list KICK, the more liquid and spread our token will become. Besides the bigger and more active each exchange is, the more trading volumes it exposes KickCoin to. Thus, supporting us by your votes you increase the value of your stake in the nearest future, because raising token’s liquidity we can engage more markets with it, and receive higher demand for the token.

We also trust it is extremely important for the community to show the functions and values of your KickCoins are appreciated, and thus instigate more activities around it. Every member of the community should have a chance to affect the development and spread of his or her platform, and therefore we encourage all our supporters to share the news and give their votes on Binance. We strongly hope with the help of the whole big KICKICO community we will continuously develop the market where everyone has a role and significance.

So every month Binance announces a list of participants, and this time there is an opportunity for everyone to participate in it without charge: for this round, voting will be done on Twitter. Here is how to vote:

1. Voting time: From 2017/11/30 10:00 AM (UTC) to 2017/12/05 10:00 AM (UTC).

2. To vote for KickCoin, you simply need to follow and retweet this tweet

We suggest it is one more good way to show that our community is a united ecosystem of enthusiasts looking for the establishment of new markets. Every vote you cast, every new member you invite, every chat you repost it to — it all counts.

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