Withdraw your crypto revenue in BTC/ETH/USDT received from KickRef

Now you can withdraw earned cryptocurrency from your actively trading referral network

Dear KickRef participants, the ecosystem has fully launched the functionality for withdrawing funds earned in the referral program. This means that starting today, you can withdraw income for active traders in your referral network. Earnings are accrued for trading referral networks from the moment the exchange was launched — from June 1, 2020. Cryptocurrency earned by the network in the current month (for example, in July) can be withdrawn next month (in August).

The very first payout period will last until July 31 (00:01:00 UTC + 3)

The funds that the referral network has earned for you over the past month are credited to your referral account on the first day of the current month. For example, earnings for July will be credited to the account on August 1.

Balance of referral earnings in KickEX account

To withdraw funds, you must accumulate at least $5 of a personal trading fee in July.

Important (!) If the referral type of account has more than $5, and the user does not withdraw funds in the current month, then the earnings will be burned. If there is less than $5, and the user does not withdraw funds, then they remain on the referral type of account and will not be burned (that is, the income from the referral network for the current month will be summarized).

For example:

Now is July, on the referral type of account you have accumulated $4. They will be automatically transferred to the withdrawal period of August. In August, the referral network brought you $3 of income. In September, you already have $7 on the referral type of account. Now you need to withdraw the earned funds, otherwise, in September they will be burned.

Read more about the KickRef balance sheet and calculation mechanics.

5 easy steps on how to receive your monthly earnings with KickRef

1. Have an active trading referral network.

2. Pay $5 in commissions fees during trading on the KickEX exchange.

3. Transfer your earnings from the referral account to the main exchange account and pay a 10% fee with KickToken from the Ecosystem account.

4. Withdraw the funds from the referral type of account during the month.

5. Congratulations, you have withdrawn your KickRef earnings successfully!

Always yours,

Kick Ecosystem Team

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