WorldTRX — Bringing Decentralization into Supply Chain Industry

KICKICO welcomes WorldTRX - the platform which aims to replace the traditional supply chain processes with more transparent, trusted, honest and disruptive technology-based platform.

With an existing user base of 300,000 large enterprises and USD 2.1 billion trade, would allow WorldTRX to start at a very solid foundation for a decentralized, trusted eCommerce ecosystem.

WorldATRX is not here for the blockchain hype, they claim to fundamentally reshape the traditional supply chain industry, which has some shortcomings in the process of doing sourcing and procurement.

WorldTRX claims to have the ability to shorten the business payment cycle from 10 days to 10 minutes.

Finally, WTX Tokens promise to provide an efficient payment instrument for cross-border trade within WorldTRX ecosystem.

The traditional supply chain systems often have issues like document discrepancies, low visibility into the extended supply chain, expensive supplier discovery and qualification process, expensive small-value payments made via intermediaries, delay in transactions especially in case of disputes, expensive e-procurement services and lack of trust due to the involvement of middle-men like banks, B2B platform operators etc.

The smart contract enabled platform, such as WorldTRX protects the interests of both buyers and suppliers by automating the settlement process without human intervention.

KICKICO Team spoke directly with the CEO of WorldTRX Joshua Loke to find out interesting facts and their views on development.

According to him, the estimate for WorldTRX network/products to launch is due December 2019.

‘As for adoption, during 4th Quarter of 2019, we will stat promotion among TACTICA’S buyers and suppliers. Currently, we already have substantial numbers of trending partners that we work with. In 2020, the major focus is ramping up the number of users from other communities that we partner with’

No more overwhelming amounts for ICOs, however, Joshua Loke is reasonable and claims that 5000 ETH will be enough for them to hire the right technical resources and create decent technical solutions.

‘If we raise less than what we expect, we will partner with existing eCommerce communities for adoptioneffort (community ramping). We might have to give more incentives to these partners/communities to join our ecosystem. This will impact our revenue projection for the short term, however, we believe that token usage and adoption is more important’

WorldTRX declares to already be lining up with a few partners and will continue to find more Ecommerce communities once the ICO is completed.

WorldTRX believes that one of the major challenges is how quickly they will expand the community. This is a network business. One of the lessons their team learned in the past is that once they get the buyers, the suppliers will follow. WorldTRX strategy is getting the big, branded buyer companies to come on-board. In view of their past records, they have sufficient experience working with big enterprises.

KICKICO team is positive that WorldTRX will gather their community quickly, and we are here to help them develop.

Become one of the first adopters of blockchain procurement ecosystem

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Welcome to the official Kick Ecosystem blog. It's great to have you with us, enjoy a good read! Our websites: |

Welcome to the official Kick Ecosystem blog. It's great to have you with us, enjoy a good read! Our websites: |