You can now trade on KickEX using API

The KickEX exchange is developing and providing more solutions to both traders and professionals in the cryptocurrency industry

On August 17, the public trading API became available to KickEX users, third-party businesses, rating websites, and crypto directories like CoinMarketCap.

Using the API, users can trade on the exchange by applying bots to automate their trading strategies for better profit — while professionals are now able to connect arbitrage bots. The API provides a number of additional features to make trading on KickEX easier and more efficient than ever before.

The API is a logical step in the development of KickEX, as it not only facilitates the trading process for many traders using algorithms but also increases the liquidity of the KickEX exchange, itself.

You can connect the API in the user profile settings in the exchange section or via this link — where you can add, edit, or remove API keys.

A detailed overview of all API capabilities and tooling can be found on our Github.

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